expanding the reach
    of your business
    With minimal space and small investment you can greatly enhance your rug showroom, so that all your rugs can be customized everywhere: in store, on your website, on the go for your sales teams, and even in the customer’s home.
  • take your showroom
    wherever you go
    exploRUG is your showroom on the go. As long as you are connected to the internet, your showroom can be accessed from anywhere, using any smart device.
    launch your
    marketing campaign
    On print, in social media, and of course, on your website, so that customers can choose a design, recolor, see in their preferred texture on their own, and finally, order from the comfort of their home.
showcase your rug designs with your colors, rooms and textures

categorize designs and host multiple shapes, sizes and color combinations

no limit on the number of designs, colors that can be hosted

  the customer goes through your designs, customizes colors, construction and materials and views it in different settings

the user specifies the dimensions and quality of the customized rug and saves an order sheet to be emailed to you with customization information for flawless production

  exploRUG gives your customers more rug choices and customization options, enabling them to visualize the perfect rug

your portable showroom is just a link away, so reach out to more customers who follow you on your website or social networks

  runs on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and other tablets and smartphones)

change designs in your hosted collection quickly and easily

customers can even send you their room photos which you can process and upload

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† exploRUG is an online marketing tool for your custom rug business. It allows users to browse through your collection of designs under different categories and create their own color combinations from among your list of available colors. Users can even customize the material (wool or silk) and weave (pile or loop) and see realistic simulations as a carpet, close up views, or laid out in different rooms. The customized rug can then be ordered online with all the customization information automatically included in the order. The front end of this software can be integrated on your own website.